Upcoming Games I am excited about

These last few months bring a lot of new games with them for you to play in these cold fall days. We had to wait for some months to be able to play these following games but the time is finally there. Here are some of the games I am most excited about to play:

Call of Duty modern warfare – release date is October 25

After the CoD games went significantly downhill after the old modern warfare, we can finally expect a good new CoD game. The game is described as a reimagining of the old games. But I think we are all most excited about the new Multiplayer that comes with the game. The old games had an amazing online platform with great maps and game modes. No exo suit on-site. Just plain old weapons and skills.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order – release date is November 15

As someone who didn’t enjoy the battlefront StarWars games, I really hope this one will be good. You will see actor Cameron Monaghan who plays the main character in this game give an amazing performance. Together with the great graphics, this game will be beautiful to play. The single-player game mode takes you through an amazing story of a Jedi Padawan-turned-fugitive trying to stay alive as you try to rebuild the Jedi Order.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint – release date is October 4

This game is going to be very realistic. With features such as injury systems, stamina and terrain, and other cool characteristics that give you the feeling you are really in the game. Your character cannot go to extreme limits anymore. Steep slopes will make you fall, and heavy weather will slow you down. Together with a stamina bar to keep in mind, you are forced to make tactical decisions and think about your choices. Instead of immediately going towards the gunfire and start shooting.
There is also the possibility to customise your Ghost for it to be a one of a kind character. No more coming into contact with the enemy who looks completely the same as you.